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Stanimore Profile

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Stanimore Pty Limited 


8 Mindaree Ave


Wyoming, NSW, 2250, AUSTRALIA




Stanimore Pty Limited is a leading provider of consulting services and solutions concerning: 

Australian and New Zealand compliance and requirements for electronic/electrical equipment (especially information technology and communications equipment);

effective compliance management processes and systems;

risk management

Geographic Markets Covered

Global requirements with emphasis on Australia and New Zealand.

Product Requirement/Compliance Areas Covered

Safety, EMC (EMI/RFI), EMR (product limitations concerning radiation effect on humans), Telecommunications, Radiocommunications plus environmental, energy efficiency and waste/recycling restrictions/requirements etc.

Product Types Covered

All electronic/electrical equipment including Information Technology equipment and communications equipment (telecommunications and radiocommunications equipment). 

Product Requirements Related Services include:

Management of client's compliance and product requirements programme;
Specific project/product requirements and compliance;
Advice and solutions concerning specific product areas or types;
Advice and solutions concerning specific geographic areas; and
Up-date service concerning changes to legislation, regulations or standards for either specific products types or geographic areas or both;

Services Relating to Australian/NZ Requirements and Compliance for a Specific Project or Product include:

Complete product requirements (regulatory, approvals/certification and standards requirements) project management;
identification or confirmation of applicable regulatory compliance, approvals/certification and/or standards requirements;
advise, arrange and coordinate (if required) compliance testing;
compilation of an acceptable product compliance file ("Compliance Folder" or "TCF" - Technical Construction File) containing the necessary documentation in support of signed declarations of conformity; and
formal product approvals/certifications or compliance related submissions as required.  


Why Stanimore

Stanimore services will ensure early and accurate identification of the regulations, approvals/certifications and standards applicable to your product/s or service/s helping to minimize development costs.

Stanimore is directly involved in the development of:

Australian legislation and regulations;  
New Zealand regulations;
Australian and New Zealand standards; and
International related standards (represents Australia on several international standards committees)

Who better to provide you with advice on their implications?

Stanimore can provide a dimension of expert advice almost certainly not available within most organisations.

Additionally, and possibly most importantly, Stanimore's services and skill sets can provide a greatly enhanced ability to introduce product, in multiple geographic markets, cost effectively and with minimum delay thereby providing the best possible opportunity to gain that strategically important, potential head start on the competition.

Stanimore’s Founder and CEO

The experience and credentials of Kevin Richardson, the founder and CEO, can be summarized as years of experience (since 1981) with:

electronic and electrical product requirements, regulations and compliance, in Australia, New Zealand and indeed worldwide;
management of compliance programmes and systems;
risk management processes - evaluation / implementation

Kevin also:

is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE);
is Chairman of the Communications Alliance Ltd "Customer Equipment and Cable Reference Panel" (CECRP). The CECRP is responsible for identifying and reviewing customer equipment and customer cabling issues likely to affect industry and recommend appropriate action for the ongoing efficient operation of the industry.  This includes the review of existing standards, codes, guidelines and other related documentation;
is a member of the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) Technical Advisory Group (TAG), Technical Working Group (TWG).  The TWG provides technical advice and input to the TAG and the ACMA concerning communications regulations (i.e. appropriate regulatory requirements for EMC, EMR, radiocommunications and telecommunications);
has represented Australia to the World Administrations for Telephone and Telegraph Council (WATTC), developing world treaty documents for GATT;
provides input in relation to Australian positions to be put forward to the APEC Telecommunications Working Group (TEL WG);
is an active member of many joint Australian/New Zealand national standards committees;
represents Australia in several international standards committees;
is highly regarded by Australian and New Zealand regulators as being able to provide accurate advice regarding Australian/NZ product regulations; and
has been heavily involved in providing drafting input to both the Australian and New Zealand governments concerning legislation for safety, EMC, EMR, telecommunications and radiocommunications since 1986.

Contact Stanimore today and request a free sample Stanimore “InfoSheet” on the latest topical product requirements issue for Australia/NZ.

Phone: +61-2-4329-4070
Fax:     +61-2-4328-5639
Email:  In the first instance, please contact us via our "Feedback" page.


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Stanimore's Clients Include

A diverse range of Australian, New Zealand, European, American and Asian companies, from small to large multi-national fortune 500 companies.


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Key Personnel

Mr Kevin Richardson - Managing Director (CEO and Founder)

Further information on Kevin's qualifications and experience can be found on the "CEO BIO" page.


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Year Established



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Professional Memberships/Associations

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)
AIIA (Australian Information Industry Association)  
IDAC (International Directory of Advisors & Consultants)
SAI (Standards Australia International)


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