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Stanimore Products

Stanimore presently offers several compliance news related products, some of which are particular to Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) and others which are not market specific.

PCIs (Product Compliance InfoSheets - Australia/NZ)
Stanimore's PCIs provide specific and detailed explanations of major or topical compliance issues in Australia or New Zealand.

SDRs (Standards Development Reports)
Stanimore's SDRs provide the latest information on developments within many Australian and New Zealand national standards committees as well as several international standards committees in the areas of product safety, EMC/EMR and IT standardization.

CANZ News (Compliance Australia/NZ)
Competition nipping at your heels?  
Gain the edge with Stanimore's CANZ News.  It provides a complete and immediate news service concerning all Australian and New Zealand product requirements and compliance issues as they relate to your products.  CANZ News includes all PCIs and SDRs.


Possible Future Products

Stanimore is also considering the possible introduction of a new product as described below.  If you would like to express your interest in the availability of this new product please contact Stanimore (sales@stanimore.com).

"ANZ Compliance - All You Need To Know" Guide

The objective of this product will to be to act as a definitive resource for product compliance in Australia and New Zealand.  This guide will cover all aspects of compliance requirements for electronic/electrical products, particularly information technology and communications products.  It is also envisaged an update subscription service for this guide will be available.



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