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Compliance Agent Services

Product Review

Compliance Consulting & Management Services

Stanimore offers several types of compliance consulting and compliance management services, including:

Requirements consulting;
Product compliance reviews/audits; and
Compliance management services


Requirements Consulting
Compliance requirements and regulations imposed on importers/manufacturers/suppliers and their products in any geographic market are generally very complex in nature, particularly in the area of electrical and electronic product.  

Accurate interpretation requires considerable familiarity and expertise.

Stanimore has many years experience in the product compliance area and specializes in providing expert consulting services concerning Australian and New Zealand product compliance requirements and regulations, including:

Identification of applicable requirements/regulations; and
Preparation of suitable product Compliance Folders and certification/approval applications


Product Compliance Reviews / Audits
Stanimore can conduct reviews or audits of existing product compliance files or Compliance Folders to ensure all requirements have been met for Australia and New Zealand.


Compliance Management Services
Stanimore can provide both: 

Compliance Management Advice - expert advice concerning all aspects of managing compliance; or
Compliance Management Resources - Stanimore can manage your company's product compliance obligations and activities* for you.  This will help:-
minimize your potential liabilities;
maximize your existing resources; and
minimize overall cost of compliance

* Stanimore can function as your company's product compliance manager, liaise with in-house product design teams, liaise with third party suppliers etc and take all necessary actions to ensure your products comply.


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