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Kevin Richardson - Biography

Managing Director (CEO and Founder)
Stanimore Pty Limited


Kevin, a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), has a comprehensive spread of relevant qualifications and experience providing him with excellent credentials and considerable expertise concerning product compliance and product technical requirements.  This includes standards, regulations and government policy impacting IT, telecommunications, radiocommunications and electrical/electronic equipment in general, for the Australian, New Zealand and indeed, world-wide markets.  Kevin also has considerable expertise in compliance risk management.

Kevin’s experience includes general management, engineering, marketing, product testing, product certification and standardisation activities.  Kevin is a results oriented achiever, accustomed to dealing with management and Government at the highest levels.  He is well known in Australia and New Zealand within the regulatory authorities, standards bodies, testing laboratories, government departments and industry.

Prior to forming Stanimore, Kevin spent a short time heading up the consulting portion of a consulting and software business based in Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia.  Prior to this Kevin spent over 13 years with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Australia.  His position on leaving Digital was that of Senior Consultant, Product/Service Requirements, South Pacific and Manager, Product Assurance Group, South Pacific.  In these dual roles he advised Digital's executive level management, both locally and at a Corporate level, concerning all areas of product and service design requirements, IT&T standardisation, environmental issues, ergonomic issues plus safety, EMC, telecommunications, and radiocommunications regulatory issues.  In addition, he was responsible for Digital’s liaison in the South Pacific with customers, government, industry, standards development bodies and user groups concerning product and service technical requirements and direction, including governmental policy, compliance issues and regulation.

Kevin gained his electronics engineering and communications engineering (radiocommunications and telecommunications) qualifications and training in the Royal Australian Air Force in the 1970s.  Since 1981 he has specialised in the area of product requirements (all requirements impacting the design and sale of electronic and electrical equipment including standards and regulatory compliance issues).  The breadth of his experience spans information technology, telecommunications, radiocommunications, networking and data communications, road transport informatics, industrial automation, IT&T equipment safety, EMC, EMR, quality (ISO 9000), EDI and Electronic Commerce, Open Systems Interconnection, GOSIP, new technology trends and design, local and overseas governmental policy and legislation impacting the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) areas.

Kevin gained the respect of customers, government, industry and users alike during his time with Digital and his expertise, leadership and ability to effectively communicate on potentially sensitive issues has been recognised by the ICT industry and others for some time.


Kevin has played a prominent role within the ICT industry in Australia since the early 1980s.  He was instrumental in the introduction of deregulation and competition in the Australian telecommunications environment, successfully beginning to win Government support as early as 1986/7.  For many years he chaired two very respected IT industry committees responsible for formulating submissions to government regarding the new structure, and proposed policy and legislation, leading to the birth of AUSTEL in 1989.

Kevin has held the position of Chairman on several IT industry association and Standards Australia committees.  He was for many years the “Head of Delegation for Australia” to several international committees including ISO/IEC JTC1 since 1987 and IEC TC74 (now TC108) since 1982.  In 1993 the convenor of IEC TC 74 Working Group 8 retired and Kevin was approached to take over the role.  IEC TC74/WG8 was responsible for developing a large part of the international standard for the “Safety of IT, Office, Business and Telecommunications Equipment”.  Unfortunately, Kevin could not accept due to his other business commitments at the time.  On more than one occasion Kevin has also represented Australia at IEC General Assembly meetings.  

In 1988 Kevin was part of the Australian delegation to the World Administrations for Telephone and Telegraph Council meeting (WATTC) developing world treaty documents for endorsement by GATT.  In early 1994, he was invited to participate in the APEC Working Group on Telecommunications (WGT).  He now participates in the Australian input briefing groups to APEC WGT and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on regulatory issues, standards, standards development issues and testing arrangements.  

Kevin represented the IT industry in AUSTEL’s Standards Advisory Committee (SAC) for many years.  He was also a member of ACMA's "Communications Technical Regulation Advisory Committee" (CTRAC) until it was disbanded in 2008.  The ACMA formed the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to replace CTRAC.  Kevin is a member of the Technical Working Group (TWG) that  provides technical advice and input to the TAG and the ACMA concerning regulations for communications.

Kevin has represented the AIIA on the Communications Alliance Ltd (previously ACIF) "Customer Equipment and Cable Reference Panel" (CECRP) since the CECRP was formed in 1997.  In December 2007 he was appointed Chairman of the CECRP.  Kevin also represents the AIIA on Communications Alliance "Working Committees" on various subjects as the need arises. 


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