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Stanimore Pty Limited was established in 1995 by Kevin Richardson (Managing Director and Founder) and is located in the "Central Coast" region of NSW, Australia, just one hours drive north from Sydney's central business district (CBD).  

Prior to establishing Stanimore, Kevin spent over 13 years with Digital Equipment Corporation's (DEC) and was Digital's South Pacific Manager and Senior Consultant responsible for:

product compliance/certification requirements and activities;
DEC's interaction with customers, industry and government concerning product standards, product compliance and compliance regulation; and
Government trends in communications policy plus resource concerning telecommunications network services (present and future)

Kevin Richardson, a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), therefore has focused exclusively on and specialized in the areas of product compliance, compliance regulation and compliance/risk management since 1981.  

Since Kevin established Stanimore in 1995, Stanimore has been an active member of the AIIA (Australian Information Industry Association) and Kevin represents the AIIA in:

Communications Alliance Ltd "Working Committees" of interest to the AIIA; plus 
NOTE:  Communications Alliance Ltd was formed on 01 Sep 2006 from the merger of the Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF ) and the Service Providers Association Inc (SPAN)
several joint Australian/New Zealand national standards committees  

Stanimore is also an active member of Communications Alliance. 


is Chairman of the Communications Alliance Ltd "Customer Equipment and Cable Reference Panel" (CECRP).  The CECRP is responsible for identifying and reviewing customer equipment and customer cabling issues likely to affect industry and recommend appropriate action for the ongoing efficient operation of the industry. This includes the review of existing standards, codes, guidelines and other related documentation;
is an active member of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Technical Working Group (TWG).  The TWG provides technical advice and input to the TAG and the ACMA concerning communications regulations;
Note:  The ACMA was formerly the Australian Communications Authority (ACA).  The ACMA came into being on 1 July 2005 as a result of the merger of the ACA and the ABA (Australian Broadcasting Authority). 
is a member of several international standards committees (safety & EMC);
is a member of numerous joint Australian and New Zealand national standards committees (safety, EMC, conformity assessment [IEC & ISO] environmental, energy efficiency); 
has participated in Australia's briefing group to the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Community) TEL Working Group; and
has participated in Australia's WTO (World Trade Organisation) input briefing group concerning regulatory issues, standards and testing arrangements.

Who better to advise on IT, communications and electronic / electrical product requirements than an organisation participating in the committees responsible for the development of the numerous regulatory compliance frameworks and the  standards (both local and international) impacting the design and use of these products?




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