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Requirements Product Review Management

Requirements Consulting Services

Australian and New Zealand Market
Need assistance in identifying and interpreting exactly what compliance requirements (regulations, approvals and applicable standards etc) may apply to you organization and your product in Australia and/or New Zealand?  

Preparation of Compliance Folders and Approval Applications
Need help establishing a product Compliance Folder or preparing a certification/approval application?

What About Product Modifications/Variations?
Need assistance in identifying and interpreting exactly what is required in terms of compliance concerning a product modification or variation?

Stanimore can help.

Accurate identification and interpretation of  requirements in the design phase avoids costly product re-engineering later.  It also avoids costly product over-engineering.  It makes budgeting and planning much more effective and accurate by avoiding surprises in terms of testing costs etc.

Stanimore's expert consulting advice will allow you to accurately identify all applicable requirements and actions required by you.  Consulting Stanimore during the product design phase will also ensure "compliance by design" therefore avoiding unnecessary over-engineering or re-engineering costs and unnecessary waste of valuable resources.

Stanimore can also advise exactly what is required of you in terms of product compliance concerning modifications to product already being supplied.

Stanimore can establish suitable product Compliance Folders ensuring all the necessary compliance documentation is included and even prepare a Declaration of Conformity for you to sign.  

Stanimore can also prepare certification/approval applications and submit them on your behalf.  These include applications for Australian Electrical Authority "Declared Articles" approval or product "Certificates of Suitability" for Non-declared Articles plus Telecom NZ Telepermit applications.


Key Benefits

Stanimore's expert advice will allow you to accurately:

Know exactly what is required of your product
Identify quickly and accurately all applicable requirements;
Know exactly what is required of you
Identify quickly and accurately all actions required by you and your organization;
Greater accuracy with budgetary forecasting
Ability to budget more accurately for compliance, thereby facilitating  accurate overall product development cost forecasting;
Compliance Folders that pass regulator audits
Stanimore is well known by all regulators in the Australian and New Zealand markets.  Stanimore has never had a Compliance Folder prepared by Stanimore fail an regulator audit.  Stanimore is usually involved in discussing any proposed changes to regulations before they happen and therefore is well versed about exactly what those changes involve.  
Certification / Approval
Stanimore has many years experience at preparing certification/approval applications.  Stanimore is well known by the Australian and New Zealand  agencies responsible for issuing approvals (including Telecom NZ) and is also in constant communications with people actually dealing with and processing the applications.  Stanimore is therefore in a position to prepare applications more likely to succeed and be processed without unnecessary delays.

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