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Managing compliance effectively is fundamental to meeting both market and customer needs and therefore strategically important.

Adequately managing an effective in-house product compliance function is becoming increasingly difficult however.  This is largely due to:

the complex nature and continual evolution of regulatory arrangements and their requirements world wide;

the growing and changing list of standards/specifications required by regulators and customers ( government and private sector customers alike); plus

issues associated with testing, such as inconsistency in application of standards, determining if the test house has the necessary accreditations etc and variation in fees charged.

Managing an in-house product compliance function requires specialist expertise to ensure accurate identification of all technical and regulatory requirements applicable to both your company and your products.  Specialist expertise is also required to ensure accurate interpretation of those technical and regulatory requirements. Without such expertise your in-house product compliance function can be more of a liability than an asset.

Stanimore is an ideal business partner concerning product compliance.

Utilizing Stanimore's resources to manage your product compliance obligations and activities is most likely far more cost effective than you think.

Stanimore is very experienced in the management of an entire organisation's compliance programme.  Stanimore's Managing Director, Kevin Richardson began specializing in product compliance for electronic, IT and communications product in 1981.  Between 1981 and 1994 he was solely responsible for product compliance in the South Pacific for one of the then largest multi-national IT companies.  Along with only two other people he was responsible for developing and fine-tuning that organisation's product compliance programme and processes world wide.

Stanimore is experienced in working closely with many different types of organisations and at all levels within those organisations.  Stanimore can very effectively manage your entire product compliance programme, work with senior management concerning planning and budgeting, work with design engineers to ensure product requirements are known at the design phase and manage all associated aspects of your organisation's compliance responsibilities and obligations.  

Stanimore is also very familiar with the need for compliance programmes to be both proactive, to ensure time-to-market deadlines can be met, and cost effective, to maximize competitive advantage.

Key Benefits

Allows you to concentrate on your core business
Stanimore's core business is compliance.  We are experts and leaders in the compliance field.  We are very experienced at managing all aspects of an organisation's compliance function / programme.
Maintains the value of your people and keeps you productive
Your people are a valuable resource and should not be distracted from their normal role and their contribution to your revenue generating activities.  They should not be burdened with managing compliance issues, a specialist area they more than likely have no experienced with.
Maximizing the benefits
Many organisations treat their product compliance responsibilities as an inconvenience and with little respect.  Organisations with foresight recognize the importance of clearly understanding their product compliance responsibilities and ensuring they are met.  Such organisations also recognize that doing product compliance well is just as important to on-going and follow-up business as after-sales service.  Outsourcing of your product compliance programme / function to Stanimore will ensure you maximize the benefits of a very well managed product compliance programme.
Minimize the risk
Most organisations do not have internal experienced compliance professionals.  To impose on any of your staff a "part-time" compliance responsibility is potentially risky and generally a poor use of your valuable human resources, their skills and experience .   Typically such people are not sufficiently experienced in product compliance.  As a result, the company is potentially exposed in relation to legal liabilities.  Stanimore are very experienced compliance professionals and are recognized experts in the field.  By outsourcing your compliance programme/expertise to Stanimore you minimize your risk.

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See also Stanimore's brief outline document concerning "Managing Compliance Effectively".


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