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Managing compliance effectively is fundamental to meeting both market and customer needs.

Adequately managing an effective in-house product compliance function is becoming increasingly difficult.  This is largely due to:

the complex nature and continual evolution of regulatory arrangements and their requirements world wide;

the growing and changing list of standards/specifications required by regulators and customers ( government and private sector customers alike); plus

issues associated with testing, such as inconsistency in application of standards, determining if the test house has the necessary accreditations etc and variation in fees charged.

Stanimore is an ideal business partner concerning product compliance and can provide:

advice on compliance regulation and requirements for Australia and New Zealand, or indeed worldwide;
advice on specifications required by government or customer procurement policies;
advice on testing needs or Stanimore can arrange and manage the testing;
advice on internal processes and systems to effectively manage compliance


Key Benefits

confidence in your compliance programme and processes
Stanimore's extensive experience in the management of compliance programmes provides us with a unique ability to advise on the critical elements and management issues for any company.  Stanimore's advice will give you confidence you have addressed all the necessary issues for your compliance programme and how to manage it efficiently;
minimize risk
Stanimore are compliance professionals and are recognised experts in the field.  Stanimore's expert advice on the management of your compliance programme will ensure your risk is minimized;
ensure your compliance programme is cost effective
Stanimore's considerable experience in the management of a wide range of compliance programmes and processes means Stanimore can help you ensure you only implement and address what you need to and manage your compliance programme in the most cost effective and productive manner.

For an outline of the essential elements of, and activities associated with, an effective Product Compliance function see Stanimore's Managing Compliance Guide.  

Why not also consider outsourcing all or part of your organisationís Product Compliance function to Stanimore?

It is more cost effective than you think.


If you would like more information about how Stanimore can help you manage your product compliance obligations and activities more effectively simply complete the "Information Request Form" below.


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