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You can contact us at:

Stanimore Pty Limited
8 Mindaree Avenue, Wyoming, NSW, 2250

Phone:    +61-2-4329-4070
Fax:        +61-2-4328-5639

In an attempt to minimise the potential for SPAM attacks to our email addresses, we do not include our email contact information in plain text on our web site.  If you wish to contact us electronically, In the first instance, please use the form on our  "Feedback" page.  We will reply to the email address you provide.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Quote or Advice
If you are contacting us about a quotation of fees or requesting advice about the requirements for a particular type of device, please ensure you provide as with as much information about the product as possible (i.e. on the application of the device or how it is intended to be used plus product specifications etc).  Product compliance regulations are very broad in nature and it is very easy to overlook some regulations applicability if you do not have sufficiently detailed product information such as that described above.  Some products can appear to be very much alike but may be very different in terms of applicable regulatory requirements simply due to different options and features.



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