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OverSeas Supplier (OSS) "Agent" Services

The Australian product compliance regulations require either the local manufacturer, the importer or an Agent appointed by the local manufacturer or importer be responsible for compliance with the regulations.

Therefore, the local registered business office of an overseas manufacturer/supplier may assume compliance responsibility for their products providing the local office is also the importer of those products.

Australian product compliance regulations make no provision for overseas manufacturers/suppliers to assume responsibility for the compliance of their product where that overseas manufacturer/supplier does not have a local office or if the local office is not the importer of the goods.

Where an overseas manufacturer/supplier can not assume compliance responsibility for their own products, each and every importer of their product, or an "Agent" appointed by the importer, must assume compliance responsibility for the product they import and supply in Australia.  This means the overseas manufacturer/supplier must supply each and every importer with their own set of compliance documentation for each and every product they import plus uniquely label product for each importer (i.e. each importer's label must include the importer's unique Supplier Code number issued by the ACMA).

The most effective and efficient way to address Australian product compliance for most overseas manufacturers/suppliers is to establish a business relationship with an organisation in Australia who is both recognized by the ACMA as offering "Agent" services to Australian importers and to whom the ACMA has issued a unique "ACMA Supplier Code" for sole use by that "Agent".

Stanimore is recognized by the ACMA as a leading provider of "Agent" services and has indeed been issued it's own ACMA "Supplier Code Number".  

Under such a relationship, Stanimore would act as your Australian "Compliance Representative" and would:

be your single contact (focal point) concerning compliance of your product within Australia;
offer "Agent" services to your importers/distributors; and
enable you to use a single label across your product range (i.e. containing Stanimore's ACMA Supplier Code Number).

As described on the "Agent Services" page of this web site, these arrangements can only work where importers of an overseas manufacturer's/supplier's product appoint Stanimore as their "Agent" in terms of product compliance for the that product.


Key Benefits

There are several significant benefits in appointing Stanimore as your Australian "Compliance Representative":

Single compliance focal point
You have a single compliance focal point, who is an expert on compliance in Australia instead of dealing with several, non-expert importers/distributors.  This also means you only have to deal with compliance for a given product once and provide a single set of documentation instead of dealing with compliance for each product with each importer/distributor
Single compliance label
You have a single compliance label for all product no matter how many importers/distributors you may have in Australia.  If you do not have an arrangement with an Australian "Agent" you will need to have a different compliance label for each importer/distributor in Australia and New Zealand
Expert resource concerning compliance requirements
Stanimore, being an expert in the area of compliance, can also provide valuable and early input to product design thereby avoiding costly re-engineering to realize market entry for that product later
Minimized drain on an overseas manufacturer/supplier resources
The above three points ensure the drain on the product compliance resources of an overseas manufacturer or supplier is minimized
Your product is more attractive to distributors/importers
Your importers/distributors in Australia are not burdened with the costs and resource issues associated with compliance of your products

Further information about how overseas manufacturers/suppliers can access the Australian market within the constraints of the existing regulatory frameworks can be found in Stanimore's "OSS Guide" document.

ACMA information about importer "Agent" agreements can be found on the ACMA's web site on the Agency Agreement page. 

If you would like more information about Stanimore's OverSeas Supplier (OSS) "Agent" services please complete the "Information Request Form" below.


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