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Stanimore's "Agent" Services

Australian Compliance Responsibility
Australian legislation and regulations concerning the supply of any electrical or electronic product supplied in Australia place the responsibility for product compliance with the Australian manufacturer, the importer or an "Agent" appointed by either an Australian manufacturer or importer to be responsible for product compliance.

It is not possible under the present Australian legislation and regulations for an overseas manufacturer/supplier or a representative of an overseas manufacturer/supplier to assume compliance responsibility unless:

the overseas manufacturer/supplier has a registered business office in Australia and is the importer of their product; or
the overseas manufacturer's/supplier's representative either has a registered business office in Australia or is an Australian resident and is the importer of the overseas manufacturer's/supplier's product

In addition, only Australian registered business or an individual who is an Australian resident may apply for and be registered to use the C-Tick mark (EMC, EMR and radio) or the A-Tick mark  (telecommunications).


Agent Services - Australian Importers and Manufacturers
Stanimore can provide "Agent" services to Australian importers and manufacturers who wish to appoint an Agent concerning their responsibility in terms of product compliance for products they manufacture or import.  Stanimore has its own Supplier Code Number issued to Stanimore by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA - formerly the ACA) and may agree to its use under an Agent agreement with an Australian importer manufacturer if required.

For more information see the "Importer Agent" page.

Overseas Supplier Arrangements
For overseas manufacturers/suppliers with no local office or representative who is also the importer, providing the importers of the overseas manufacturers/suppliers product appoint Stanimore as their "Agent" (see above), Stanimore can, by way of a business contract/agreement, greatly simplify access to the Australia market by offering offer overseas manufacturers/suppliers:

a single product compliance representative/contact for Australia and New Zealand; and
use of a single compliance label on all their product (i.e. containing the appropriate compliance mark, A-Tick or C-Tick, and Stanimore's ACMA Supplier Code Number).

For more information see the "O/S Supplier Agent" page.


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